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Cannabis Culture Mag

Cannabis Culture Magazine is a magazine devoted to marijuana, its use and cultivation, and the fight to legalize it. It is very similar to High Times magazine.

Cannabis Culture magazine began in 1994 and was originally titled, Cannabis Canada (Marijuana & Hemp Newsletter). The name was changed to Cannabis Culture beginning with the 13th issue (1998). Cannabis Culture ceased publication of its printed magazine in 2009. Issue # 74 from March/April 2009 was its last issue.

Current issues of Cannabis Culture feature Regular Stash - their unique editorial content which shows up in most issues. Regular Stash includes:

  • Favorite Bud - A strain expert (Jason King) with his new favorite
  • Letter From The Editor - Marc Emery
  • Show Your Grow - Readers pictures of plants
  • Ask Ed (Ed Rosenthal) - Grow questions and answers
  • Pot Puzzlers - Marijuana theme crossword and word search puzzles with prizes.

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