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Cascade Comix

Cascade Comix Monthly was a monthly fanzine which dealt exclusively with underground comix - one of the very few that underground comix ever had. It was published in a 5.5" x 8.5" format by Artie Romero and Everyman Studios. The print runs of this monthly fanzine were very small - ranging between just 400 and 1600 copies per issue.

Most issues of Cascade Comix had black & white guts with a color cover. Each issue featured at least one interview with a major underground comix artist or publisher except for two issues which were all comix. There were also regular columns by Bruce Sweeney and Bill Sherman, previews of soon-to-be released underground comix, usually several pages of comix, and just general news, reviews, and happenings of the underground comix scene.

Besides the great interviews & artwork of some of the heavyweights of underground comix, this monthly is now a great resource of historical/reference material. Highly recommended!

Cascade Comix Monthly was published for 23 issues (two were double issues) before ceasing publication.

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