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Cascade Comix Monthly # 11/12 - signed

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Cascade Comix Monthly # 11/12 - Double Issue!

Copyright 1979 Artie E. Romero. Published by Everyman Studios. 44 pages. $1.00 cover price. This one had a print run of just 1200 copies. Kennedy guide # 415.

Cascade Comix Monthly # 11/12 features two great interviews - Jay Kinney and Art Spiegelman (part two of the Spiegelman interview is in Cascade Comix Monthly # 14).

Besides the two great interviews, this issue of Cascade Comix Monthly features reviews by Bruce Sweeney and Bill Sherman, lots of comix, and the usual news and latest happenings of the underground comix scene.

The wraparound cover was done by Art Spiegelman with additional artwork by Jay Kinney, Richard Krauss, Jim Siergey, Larry Rippee, John Peterson, Gary Whitney, Bob Vojtko, Ken Fletcher, Dave Taylor, Dan O’Neill, and Darrel Anderson.

This is the only Cascade Comix Monthly printed on newsprint (pages 19-26 are on white paper).

This one is signed on the front cover by the publisher, Artie Romero!


Condition: Fine or better

(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

Cascade Comix Monthly # 11/12

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