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CGC Underground Comix

What is CGC? The letters CGC stand for Certified Guaranty Company which is part of the Certified Collectibles Group. CGC is the market leader in comic book grading. They grade comic books, perform a restoration check, and then place the book in a tamper-evident, clear plastic holder. The holder contains a label which displays information about the book and its grade. The whole process is known as "slabbing." A "slabbed" book offers impartial, third-party grading and restoration detection so a buyer and seller know what to expect and can trade with confidence.

Since the inception of CGC there has been many debates over slabbing. Opponents say books were made to be read - not put in some plastic holder where you can’t read them. Others like the third-party grading and the protection the holder provides.

I can understand both points of view. I do like to read comix. It is why they were produced - to be read and enjoyed. But, especially when talking about underground comix, they are a part of our history. The 60s. The 70s. What a time in our history! They should be preserved. There is no argument that having a book slabbed provides much greater protection. And with the price of some books continuing to rise there is no reason not to protect ones’ investment the best they can. A cheaper reprint or lower grade book can usually be obtained to use as a reader. To each their own I suppose.

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