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Marching Marvin - Highest Certified Copy!

Marching Marvin - Highest Certified Copy!

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Santey Clause Presents Marching Marvin The Red Watcher!

Copyright 1966 by Joel Beck. Published by Sunbury Productions. 20 pages. 1st (only) print. $0.50 cover price. Kennedy guide # 1227.

Marching Marvin was printed with heavy card stock covers and white guts. It is all Joel Beck.

Marching Marvin is considered one of the very earliest underground comix - it was published more than a full year before Crumb’s Zap Comix # 1. It was one of three books put out by Beck in the mid-60s - the other two being Lenny of Laredo and The Profit.

Marching Marvin is an underground comix which you are just not going to find everyday. And this one is in the upper grade range... being certified and graded 8.5 by CGC. At the time of this listing, it is currently the highest certified and graded copy of Marching Marvin in CGC Census.

CGC Certification # 0951389003

Marching Marvin - CGC Universal Grade 8.5

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