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R. Crumb's Carload O' Comics - 1st print

R. Crumb's Carload O' Comics - 1st print

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R. Crumb’s Carload O’ Comics

Copyright by R. Crumb. Published by Belier Press. 180 pages. $6.00 cover price. Kennedy guide # 397.

Lots of Robert Crumb reading here. Includes the following:

  • Preface - Publisher
  • Introduction - Harvey Kurtzman
  • The Confessions of R. Crumb
  • Mr. Natural & Flakey Foont - A Gurl in Hotpants
  • Mr. Natural & Shuman the Human - Om Sweet Om
  • Mr. Natural - On The Bum Again - Part 1
  • Mr. Natural - On The Bum Again - Part 2
  • Big Baby - The Infant Terrible
  • Little Johnny Fuckerfaster
  • The Adventures of R. Crumb Himself
  • Chuck and Bob - Ups and Downs
  • Salty Dog Sam - Goes Surfin’!
  • Angelfood Mcspade - Fingerlickin’ Good
  • Dale Steinberger - The Jewish Cowgirl
  • The Many Faces of R. Crumb
  • Remember Keep On Truckin’?
  • Bo Bo Bolinski - The Barroom Bum
  • Comical Comics
  • My First LSD Trip
  • Cubist Be Bop Comics
  • Underground Hotline
  • The Bleeding Heart Syndrome
  • The Red Hot Romances of Shlub Mugubb
  • A Gurl
  • Sally Blubberbutt
  • R. Crumb Versus The Sisterhood
  • Honeybunch Kaminski - The Drug Crazed Runaway
  • Shoo Shoo Baby
  • Don’t Gag On It ... Goof On It
  • Pete the Plumber
  • Squirrely the Squirrel
  • The Inimitable Boingy Baxter
  • The Simp and The Gimp
  • It’s the Ruff Tuff Creampuff
  • Jumpin’ Jack Flash!
  • Morbid Sense of Humour
  • Shuman the Human’s Night of Terror
  • Mr. Snoid - Big Fine Legs
  • Mr. Snoid - Anal Antics
  • Mr. Snoid - Once I Led the Life of a Millionaire
  • Bibliography

This one has been enjoyed. Nothing wrong with the interior pages but the cover shows edge wear/chipping, book-length reading crease along spine front and back, corner creases, spine abrasion, rounded corners, soiling. If you enjoy Crumb you can enjoy this one without worry... makes a great reader.

R. Crumb’s Carload O’ Comics

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