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High Times Magazine # 188 - April 1991

High Times Magazine # 188 - April 1991

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High Times Magazine # 188 - April 1991

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High Times Magazine has been chronicling the counterculture for over thirty years. First published as a quarterly in 1974, High Times is still being published (now a monthly) with its continued emphasis on marijuana use and cultivation and the fight for cannabis legalization.

High Times magazine issue # 188 from April 1991 features:

  • High Times Interview: Ken Babbs
  • In The Land Of The Mokele-Mbembe
  • Grow American
  • Hemp: The Most Profitable and Desirable Crop That Can Be Grown
  • Robert Plant... Discusses His Music and His Past
  • and, of course, the regular columns and departments which appeared in most issues: Page Six, Quick Flashes, Highwitness News, Normlizer, Ask Ed, and lots of other good stuff!

Shows mild use.

High Times Magazine # 188 - April 1991

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