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Mineshaft # 13

Mineshaft # 13

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Mineshaft # 13 - February 2004

Copyright 2004 by Mineshaft. 600 copy print run. 48 pages. $4.00 cover price.

Mineshaft is a small independent art magazine started in 1999 by Everett Rand and Gioia Palmieri. It features underground comics, sketchbook drawings, letters, poetry, photos & more. It is published 2 to 3 times a year in a very small print run.
Highly recommended!

Mineshaft # 13 features:

  • Front cover art by R. Crumb with an additional three pages of sketchbook drawings and a centerfold
  • Back cover by Robert Armstrong who also contributed an additional four page spread
  • Four letters from Kim Deitch with previously unpublished "Waldo the Cat" illustrations
  • Rarely seen underground comix artist Simon Deitch pitched in with some mythological drawings and a fascinating letter to the editor (Mineshaft # 14 includes a seven page sequel to Simon’s mythological interpretations)
  • Nine page photo documentary with text by Berkeley comix artist B. N. Duncan of the eccentric street people and artists who hang out on Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue
  • Three new poems by Billy Childish including the classic, "we have war becouse we love war"
  • lots of letters and other interesting stuff!


(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

Mineshaft # 13

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