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Cheech Wizard Jigsaw Puzzle

Cheech Wizard Jigsaw Puzzle

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Cheech Wizard Jigsaw Puzzle

Copyright 1974 by Vaughn Bode. Published by International Polygonics, Ltd.

Giant Cheech Wizard 15 x 21 Inch Poster Puzzle

From the back of the box:

Vaughn Bode is a contributing editor of The National Lampoon and Cheech Wizard is fast becoming an international success. Cheech, "the frustrated magician in all of us," is a regular feature both in the magazine and on The National Lampoon Radio Hour, and an X-rated cartoon movie is being planned for everyone's favorite hat. The artwork used for this puzzle was created especially for us by the artist, who attaches a special mysticism to jigsaw puzzles. Vaughn feels that it is his best work to date. We hope you like it.

Great collector’s item!

Original jigsaw puzzle by Vaughn Bode from 1974. Over 500 pieces. Never used ...never even opened! Still in the original shrink wrap!

Cheech Wizard Jigsaw Puzzle - Vaughn Bode

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