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Kitchen Kut-Outs! - R. Crumb

Kitchen Kut-Outs! - R. Crumb

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R Crumb’s Kitchen Kut-Outs! Magnet Set

Kitchen Kut-Outs are trademark and copyright by Robert Crumb.

R. Crumb’s colorful Kitchen Kut-Outs magnet set is a set of 12 big, thick magnets that won’t slowly slide down your refrigerator. They will hold your shopping list, that dorky photo of your kid sis, your to-do list, whatever! As stated on the package, "Loads of Laffs!" "Hours of Fun!" "Trade ’Em" "Swap ’Em".

These first appeared in one of the early Zap Comix and include Bob Dill, the singing pickle; Bad Guy Billy Beercan; Clever Mr. Ketchup; Dick Tater and others.

Appreciated by the Crumb collector, these also make great presents and are a good way to turn someone on to R. Crumb (yes, even your Grandma will like these). Good stuff! (Sorry about the image ...this set is larger than our scanner.)

Kitchen Kut-outs - R Crumb

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