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Modern Drunkard - June 2006

Modern Drunkard - June 2006

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Modern Drunkard Vol. 5, # 9 - June 2006

Copyright 2006 Modern Drunkard Magazine. Publisher/Editor Frank Kelly Rich. $4.50 cover price.

Standing up for your right to get falling down drunk since 1996.

Modern Drunkard Magazine is a bi-monthly glossy color periodical promoting the "functional alcoholic’s" lifestyle. The theme of the magazine - a celebration of alcohol and the seemingly bohemian lifestyles of functional alcoholics - runs counter to the message of moderation commonly found in mainstream America: regular features include "Alcocomics - Cartoons for the Sober Challenged," "Post Cards from Skid Row" (featuring poetry written by and/or for the inebriated), "Wino Wisdom," and "You Know You’re a Drunkard When..."

The magazine also features meticulously researched articles on alcohol’s place in history, including such topics as the Whiskey Rebellion and FDR’s love of the martini. Although the writing is often of a humorous nature, it is difficult to deny the earnestness with which the magazine supports the drinking lifestyle.

Articles in this issue:

  • 10 Drinks with Gary Shteyngart
  • The Inebriated Republic of Iran
  • Drunk Talk
  • The War on Booze
  • Muskets and Moonshine
  • Rise of the Dives
  • FDR: Portrait of a Drinking President
  • and lots more...

Uncirculated, new as published.

Modern Drunkard Magazine Vol. 5, No. 9 - June 2006

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