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Busted! - Drug War Survival Skills

Busted! - Drug War Survival Skills

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Busted!, Drug War Survival Skills From the Buy to the Bust to Begging for Mercy - M Chris Fabricant

Copyright 2005 by M Chris Fabricant. Published by HarperCollins. Approximately 360 pages. Softcover. $13.95 cover price.

From the back cover:

"Part drug war survival handbook, part criminal law 101, Busted! is the bible on how to not get busted, and what to do if you find yourself in any of these (and many other) situations.

What To Do If:
I’m whacked-out and face-to-face with the fuzz... page 89
My party warrants police actions... page 130
I get pulled over while wasted... page 158
My boss springs a gotcha! drug test at the job... page 197
I can’t remember the Busted! Ten Commandments... page 327

Even if you don’t get high, you know someone who does. Spare your loved ones the pain and agony of a cavity search and/or a night in jail. Buy this book.

Uncirculated, new as published.

Busted! - M. Chris Fabricant, Defense Attorney

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