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Complete Crumb Comics, The - Volume 16 - Signed Lmt Edition

Complete Crumb Comics, The - Volume 16 - Signed Lmt Edition

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The Complete Crumb Comics # 16 - Limited Edition, Signed & Numbered by R Crumb

Published by Fantagraphics Books. Hardcover, Signed and Numbered Limited Edition. 1st printing from 2002. $75.00 cover price.

From the back cover:

"... continues the multi-volume, chronological series comprising the complete works of the legendary cartoonist R. Crumb, one of America’s most original, trenchant, and uncompromising satirists."

From Crumb’s introduction:

"By the Spring of 1986 I was in a state of profound suicidal depression. I seriously contemplated ending it all. I felt like I had been run over by a steam-roller. All was pain - psychic pain. My neurotic compulsion to be loved by all of humanity had caused me to waste huge amounts of my time and life energy on tedious nonsense that was of no real value or interest to me. Of course, everything is a learning experience. We all go through what we have to go through on the road to knowledge and wisdom and what not... Hopefully."

This volume includes the years 1985 - 1987 with an introduction by Robert Crumb himself. Includes a color section.

This is an uncirculated & unread copy in new condition as published. It is # 182 of a special limited edition of The Complete Crumb Comics, Volume 16, signed by the author, R. Crumb. Limited edition of just 300 copies.

The Complete Crumb Comics # 16 - Signed & Numbered Limited Edition

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