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Junkwaffel vol 2 - Vaughn Bode

Junkwaffel vol 2 - Vaughn Bode

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Junkwaffel Volume Two - Vaughn Bode

Copyright 1995 by Barbara Bode and Fantagraphics Books, Inc. Published by Fantagraphics Books, Inc. Softcover. $12.95 cover price.

From the back cover:

"Cosmic Cartoon Guru Vaughn Bode mixed his own alchemical comics brew from equal parts science fiction, psychedelia, and a personal brand of weird humor. Junkwaffel volume 2 collects some of Vaughn Bode’s most intense work, including: War Lizards, Bode Erotica, Tubs."

Book is approximately 80 pages, softcover, 8.5" x 11", mostly b/w but it does include some color pages.

New as published.

(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

Junkwaffel volume 2 by Vaughn Bode

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