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Yum Yum Book, The - Robert Crumb

Yum Yum Book, The - Robert Crumb

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R. Crumb’s The Yum Yum Book

Published by The Scrimshaw Press. Copyright 1975 Dana Crumb Associates. Hardcover with dust jacket. 1st edition. $6.95 cover price.

From the Introduction by R. Crumb

I just want to explain to the reader that I drew this story when I was nineteen years old and still a virgin... now I’m thirty years old and the the book seems somewhat adolescent and immature to me.

I gave the book as a gift to Dana when I first met her, as a token of my love. We got married shortly after. It has been hidden away all these years, along with some early sketchbooks of mine,and other sophomoric-romantic works done in the throes of horny passion.

But now the time has come to review it to the world...I guess. My lawyer Albert Morse thinks it’ll sell like hotcakes and make a lot of money. I dunno... Personally it embarrasses me now, but probably a lot of people will like it better than the stuff I turn out currently. Others, I’m sure, will put it down for being too cute, etc. Well, ya can’t please everybody.

Anyway, I worked very hard on this book. It took six months of earnest labor. All the color was done with Prismacolor pencils. The year was 1963. I’ve changed a lot and so has my work, but this does have a certain innocent charm. Dana loved me for it.

--- R. Crumb
June, 1974

Approximately 6" x 9" hardcover with dust jacket. 1st edition from 1975.

Blunted lower left corner; abrasion and wear on corners. Dust jacket shows light soiling, handling marks, and edge wear. Interior no problems except for one page which is detached.

R. Crumb’s The Yum Yum Book

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