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Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, The (VHS) - R. Crumb

Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, The (VHS) - R. Crumb

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The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat - Robert Crumb

Program content copyright 1974 Two Gees and American International Pictures, Inc. Artwork copyright 1974 American International Pictures, Inc. Package design & summary copyright 1988 Warner Home Video, Inc., a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Inc. VHS format in color. 77 minutes. Used.

A Steve Krantz production. Produced by Steve Krantz. Directed by Robert Taylor. Written by Robert Taylor, Fred Halliday & Eric Monte. Based upon the characters created by R. Crumb.

The Return of the X-rated Cat!!

From the back cover:

When Fritz and his lowlife buddies first jived their way onto the movie scene in 1972’s Fritz the Cat, they turned American animation inside out. These were no G-rated bunnies, kitties and duckies, but lean, mean hipsters whose comic adventures in the ’60s subculture were adults-only. Fritz and friends made such a hit with their streetwise sass and zoned-out philosophizing that funky Fritz just had to prowl the mean celluloid streets again in The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat...

...The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat: raunchy fun guaranteed to offend just about everybody. You’ll love it!

Fritz has got the post-college blues... he’s married to a mouthy wife who berates him constantly, and he’s out of work and on unemployment! To escape his sad, nagging reality, Fritz launches himself into a psychedelic haze with a mind-blowing cat-nip that takes him to his eight other lives. There, he lives out fantasies as an out-of-this-world astronaut, an aide to President Kissinger and worse.. an orderly to Hitler! But as his star-crossed hallucinations put him on a collision course with reality, Fritz becomes a casualty just waiting to happen!

The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat was the first animated feature in Cannes history to compete as part of the official competition.

This is a used VHS tape. Plays fine. Original box.

The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (VHS) - used

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