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Underground T-Shirts

Under this category we have listed the t-shirts which we are currently offering. These t-shirts are all made by Hanes but come in different weights. The Hanes Beefy-T is the heaviest, followed by the Hanes Heavyweight, and then the Hanes 100% cotton which is the lightest. The price is reflective of the different grades/quality.

The shirts and sizes shown are the only ones we have available.

Scroll down to see the t-shirts which we are currently offering. You may then click on any of the images to see a more detailed description.

Note: Most of our t-shirts are out of stock and out of print. Our regular supplier is out of stock and will no longer be stocking them. We are trying to find other sources but so far no luck. Hopefully we will be able to locate some but right now we don’t know when that would be.