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About us

About Us - Who Are We?

There really is no us or we in Underground Collectibles. Although I do get some part-time help once in a while, Underground Collectibles is really just me, Fat Freddy. I have been called Fat Freddy for many, many years now (and many, many pounds ago). I have been selling underground comix since the late 90s and have been collecting them for more than 40 years. In fact, I still have my original Freak Brothers comix which I purchased in a head shop back in the early 70’s (they are far from mint). It’s those original Freak Brothers comix which began this journey known as Underground Collectibles...

A number of years ago I was seeing a member of the opposite sex who happened to be quite a bit younger than I. She always said she wished she had been a teenager in the 70’s instead of being born then. Remembering my stash of comix, as a gift to her on some now forgotten holiday, I was going to give her a couple of issues of those original Freak Brothers comix. Pulling them out of storage I started to read them again. I’m sure I must have read and reread those original Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comix literally hundreds of times over the years. They’re timeless! Although a much different world today than back in the early 70’s, they are just as funny now as they were back then - back in the day. But hey, I digress. Back to my girlfriend.

It seems after rereading those comix I cared more for them then I did for her - I didn’t want to part with them. But it did get me to thinking (yes, even after living through the 70’s the brain cells (or is that cell?) still function on occasion. Anyways, I thought maybe I could still find her an issue or two. Someone besides me must still have a stash of them in their attic, or garage, basement, wherever. That started my search in which I was pleasantly surprised to learn there were actually collectors of this stuff. It wasn’t hard to find them at all! Some cost a lot more than they did back in the day but they were available. Actually some have gone up in price considerably. Yes, if you only knew, heh?

Anyways, the more I searched the more I bought. I soon had to build a separate room to house my stash of comix and related stuff. I couldn’t stop buying it! I finally realized I had to get rid of some of it and the rest as they say, is history. That’s the story of Underground Collectibles.

Fat Freddy
Underground Collectibles

P.S. Although the girlfriend in this story and I are no longer together she did get a couple of issues of the Freak Brothers... but NOT my original ones! Oh, and we are still friends.