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American Splendor: Windfall # 2

American Splendor: Windfall # 2

$ 3.00

American Splendor: Windfall # 2 - Harvey Pekar

Copyright 1995 by Harvey Pekar. Published by Dark Horse Comics, Inc. $3.95 cover price.

From the inside front cover:
O.K. This is the second of a two-book series, Windfall. In the first book I kvetch about unreliable airplane travel and, more important, my hip - I had avascular necrosis as a result of chemotherapy for cancer, which I’d been treated for in 1990-91. This was causing my femur to disintegrate. A hip replacement operation was inevitable, but I was unwilling to get one until the end of the first book, after I’d had an automobile accident.

So - in this book we pick up from there...

Artists include Gary Dumm, Scott A. Gilbert, Josh, Joe Sacco, Frank Stack, and Joe Zabel.

Condition: Fine

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American Splendor: Windfall # 2

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