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Art of S. Clay Wilson, The

Art of S. Clay Wilson, The

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The Art of S. Clay Wilson

Copyright 2006 by S. Clay Wilson. Published by Ten Speed Press. 1st printing. Hardcover. 192 pages. $35.00 cover price.

Publisher’s summary:

The long-awaited career retrospective of the most extreme of the "Zap" cartoonists of the late 1960s. A self-described "graphic agoraphobe," Wilson draws manically dense scenes of lurid mayhem that rank among the seminal works of underground and counterculture American art. It’s all here, from the classic chronicles of the Checkered Demon to salacious stories about the pirates, prostitutes, and poets that inhabit Wilson’s divinely depraved world. 200 full-color images, including new work and previously unpublished prints commissioned for private collections.

From the introduction by R. Crumb:

"Wilson was the strongest, most original artist of my generation that I had yet met. . . . There was something very familiar about the drawings, yet something entirely new, never before seen! It looked like folk art, like old-time tattoos, like some high school hotrodder’s notebook drawings. They were rough, crazy, coarse, deeply American."

Hardcover with lots of color!

Uncirculated, new as published.

(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

The Art of S. Clay Wilson

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