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Best of High Times # 12

Best of High Times # 12

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Best of High Times Magazine # 12

Copyright by Trans-High Corporation. Published by Trans-High Corporation. $4.95 cover price.

High Times Magazine has been chronicling the counterculture for over thirty years. First published as a quarterly in 1974, High Times is still being published (now a monthly) with its continued emphasis on marijuana use and cultivation and the fight for cannabis legalization.

Best of High Times Magazine volume # 12 features:

  • Victory Garden - Mel Frank
  • Cannabis Crunching Caterpillars
  • Shedding Light On Growlights
  • Starting From Seed
  • Marijuana: The Rockwool Book - Jorge Cervantes
  • A Quick, Simple, Effective Guide To Cloning
  • Pot For Pennies
  • Grow Store Etiquette
  • Summer Grow Tips
  • and, of course, a whole lot more!

Condition: Abraded corners, light use.

Best of High Times Magazine # 12

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