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Blackmark, 30th Anniversary Ed - Gil Kane

Blackmark, 30th Anniversary Ed - Gil Kane

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Blackmark 30th Anniversary Edition - Gil Kane

Copyright 2002 by Gil Kane estate and Fantagraphics Books, Inc. Published by Fantagraphics Books, Inc. Softcover. $16.95 cover price.

From the back cover:

Finally Available In A Single Volume: The Very First American Graphic Novel!

"An electrifying combination of science fiction and heroic fantasy in the tradition of Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Blackmark was conceived and drawn 30 years ago by the legendary comic book artist Gil Kane (Conan, Superman, Green Lantern, The Aton, Spider-Man, Savage, and countless other classics).

Set in an anarchic, post-apocalyptic world racked by lawlessness and bloodshed, Blackmark, in the tradition of such epics as Sparacus and Gladiator, tells the story of an embittered slave who stages a revolt against a corrupt and brutal regime - a tale of righteous vengeance against a background of political intrigue and rampant injustice."

Book is approximately 6" x 9", 260 b & w pages, softcover.

New as published but does show some shelf wear.

(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)


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