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Fritz the Cat (VHS) - Robert Crumb

Fritz the Cat (VHS) - Robert Crumb

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Fritz the Cat - Robert Crumb

Program content copyright 1972 Aurica Finance Company. Artwork & photography copyright 1972 Cinemation Industries. Package design & summary copyright 1988 Warner Home Video, Inc., a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Inc. VHS format in color. 79 minutes. Used.

Screenplay by Ralph Bakshi. Directed by Ralph Bakshi. Produced by Steve Krantz. Based upon the characters created by R. Crumb.

1st X-rated animation film ever!

From the back cover:

Everybody loves cartoons. You know, cute little animals talking and wearing clothes, just like people ...but wait a minute. What are those cute little animals doing?

You’re not watching just any cartoon. You’ve stumbled into the uninhibited world of Fritz the Cat - and your attitude toward cute little animals may never be the same...

...A hit on midnight shows from coast to coast, Fritz the Cat is not good, clean fun ...but it sure is fun!

It’s the age of awakening and Fritz, one way-cool cat and NYU student, loves to embrace every experimental experience that crosses his path. Embarking on a fantastic journey of self-discovery, he indulges in everything from multiple bedroom follies to a wild joy ride through a dangerous Harlem. But when Fritz joins a group of radically aggressive hippies, he finds himself holding the dynamite that will detonate the ultimate 60s statement... one that could cost him his life!

Fritz the Cat was actually made against Crumb’s wishes, thanks to his estranged wife having power-of-attorney. He later killed off the character in protest.

This is a used VHS tape. Plays fine. Original box.

Fritz the Cat (VHS) - used

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