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HardCore Mother - Maxon Crumb

HardCore Mother - Maxon Crumb

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HardCore Mother by Maxon Crumb

Copyright by Maxon Crumb. Published by CityZen Books. 117 pages - softcover. $24.95 cover price.

From the back cover:

"Hardcore Mother is the harvest of Maxon Crumb’s obsessive immersion into the fantasy world of the three main characters for several years. The payoff of this explicit understanding of character and story is a plot so deeply and totally integrated within the essences and behaviors of these fictional individuals as to breathe life into them. The focused reader becomes an unnoticed and impotent apparition of sorts, led along a path deep into the human psyche by a master of the art of storytelling.

Robert Crumb’s comments on his brother Maxon’s new book:

"One of the strangest, quirkiest pieces of literature I’ve ever read.
It is bizarre in the extreme … well written, interesting, entertaining even … a bit harrowing … where do such ideas come from?
HardCore Mother is on the outer edge of utter strangeness, perversity, and inverted human imagination … not digestible for the general public, certainly … only for a very small elite of aficionados of such stuff …
Beautiful work … Maxon’s in his creative prime."

Uncirculated, new as published. Still in the original shrinkwrap!

(What appear as scratches or wrinkles in the image are actually from the shrinkwrap.)

HardCore Mother - Maxon Crumb

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