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High Times Magazine # 42, February 1979

High Times Magazine # 42, February 1979

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High Times Magazine # 42 - February 1979

High Times - The Magazine of High Society. Copyright 1979 by Trans-High Corporation. Published by Trans-High Corporation. $2.00 cover price.

High Times Magazine has been chronicling the counterculture for over thirty years. First published as a quarterly in 1974, High Times is still being published (now a monthly) with its continued emphasis on marijuana use and cultivation and the fight for cannabis legalization.

High Times Magazine has many unique editorial features which you just won’t find anywhere else including its "Trans-High Market Quotations" page which lists the current market prices and supply information for various illicit drugs; a "centerfold" - usually of some unusually good-looking bud; HighWitness News - recent news of marijuana, drug busts, and other counterculture happenings; and, of course, the advertisements which feature any and all kinds of paraphernalia.

Issue # 42 from February 1979 features:

  • Interview with William Burroughs
  • God’s Secret Agent: Timothy Leary on LSD Alchemy & Owsley Stanley
  • Why Dope Gets You High
  • Stupid TV (Especially Cop Shows)
  • California Conquers Outer Space
  • Centerfold - A Taste of Tiffany’s

This one features an article on the High Mountain Festival - Tripping out at the 7th Annual Rainbow People’s World Peace Gathering; an article on Owsley Stanley, the well-known chemist of LSD fame; an article by Ed Rosenthal on why dope gets you high; and much more!

For the comix fan there is a picture of R. Crumb along with a blurb on his troubles with the IRS; a review of Crumb’s new book, The Complete Fritz The Cat, and three pages of comix (in color) - a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers page by Gilbert Shelton, a page by J. Holmstrom, and a page by F. Thorne.

The Trans-High Market Quotations page states a record crop of quality Jamaican - it will set you back $125 - $300 an lb.

Abraded/blunted corners, tiny spine splint, light handling marks, fingerprints on edge front cover, light use.

(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

High Times Magazine # 42 - February 1979

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