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Housewives at Play, Lez Be Friends - Graphic Album

Housewives at Play, Lez Be Friends - Graphic Album

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Housewives at Play - Graphic Novel, "Lez" Be Friends

Copyright 2007 by Rebecca. Story and art by Rebecca. Published by Eros Comix. $9.95 cover price. Softcover. 52 pages.

In the land of two car garages and perfectly manicured lawns, Rebecca knows what goes on behind closed doors — or sometimes right out in the open! Today’s modern housewives are busier than ever, finding new uses for household appliances and breast-milk pumps, doing chores with their own naturally-made cleaning fluids, and still finding time for good parenting by rewarding their daughters’ good grades.

In Rebecca’s lucky thirteenth collection of XXX-rated pin-ups, her exquisitely shaded and detailed pencil artwork brings you into a world filled with beautiful mature women at their sexual peak, boiling over with lust that cannot be contained or satisfied by their absent husbands. How do they get by? With a little help from their friends, of course!

Whether they’re locked in tender, passionate embraces, bound up in the yard and humiliated, or holding plasticware parties gone perverted, these blazing-hot MILFs are all caught in very friendly positions, popping off the page and leaving you panting for more!

New as published.

Housewives at Play - Graphic Album, Lez Be Friends

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