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New Adventures of Jesus, The - Frank Stack

New Adventures of Jesus, The - Frank Stack

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The New Adventures Of Jesus - The Second Coming, Frank Stack

Copyright 2006 by Fantagraphics Books, Inc. and Frank Stack. Published by Fantagraphics Books, Inc. Approximately 160 pages. 1st printing. $19.95 cover price.

From the publisher:

Underground comics were known for their satirical assaults on beliefs held dear by middle America. None was more witty or biting than the very first underground comic ever published - Frank Stack’s The Adventures of Jesus. Stack’s controversial strip first saw print in the Texas counterculture publications, The Charlatan and The Austin Iconoclastic, and the University of Texas humor magazine, The Texas Ranger. In 1964, Texas Ranger editor Gilbert Shelton (who would later go on to create the little known Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers) made 50 photocopies of about a dozen strips, stapled and collated the pages, designed a cover and distributed it to friends around campus.

In this witty addendum to the New Testament, Jesus fulfills his promise to reward the just and punish the unjust, yet returns to Earth with remarkably little fanfare. He soon realizes he may have postponed his second coming a bit too long, arriving when the planet has fallen into a dangerously advanced state of decrepitude, i.e., the late 20th Century. Nonetheless, Jesus is determined to carry out his sacred obligation.

Includes a brand new story by Stack. Also features an introduction by Robert Crumb and a preface by Gilbert Shelton.

New as published.

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The New Adventures of Jesus - The Second Coming

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