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Peep Show # 14 - Joe Matt

Peep Show # 14 - Joe Matt

$ 5.00

Joe Matt’s Peep Show # 14

Copyright 2006 by Joe Matt. Published by Drawn & Quarterly. 28 pages. $4.95 cover price.

From the publisher:

"Peepshow is a forum for Joe Matt’s neurotic, compelling, and utterly shameless account of some of the most personal details of his life. From the gradual disintegration of his earlier relationship to, more recently, his detailed examination of his obsession with pornography, Matt paints a rather unflattering portrait of himself in this long running autobiographical comic book series, leaving almost no aspect of his life untouched.

Peepshow # 14: After a nearly 5 year absence from comics, Joe Matt returns with his funniest, and possibly best issue of Peepshow yet. This issue is the conclusion of a four issue story arc that documents Joe’s obsessive "editing" of porn videos. Days go by where Joe never leaves his room, so that all of his quality time can be spent creating just the right scenes, where all the guys’ faces have been deleted from the final cut to make one "flawlessly edited" compilation. This is Joe Matt at his lowest ebb, a harrowing and yet still darkly funny portrait of an artist as misanthropic porn fiend.

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Peep Show # 14

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