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People's Comics, The  1st print

People's Comics, The 1st print

$ 17.00

The People’s Comics

Copyright 1972 by R. Crumb. Published by Golden Gate Publishing Company. 28 pages. 1st printing. $0.50 cover price. Kennedy guide # 1513.

This is a 1st print from Golden Gate Publishing Company. The People’s Comics was later reprinted by Kitchen Sink.

Includes the story (Fritz the Cat "Superstar") in which Crumb has Fritz the Cat killed with an ice pick. Also features Harvey Pekar’s first comic book story... predating American Splendor by 4 years.

Includes the stories:

  • On The Street with Shuman The Human
  • The Confessions Of R. Crumb
  • The R. Crumb $uck$e$$ Story
  • Patricia Pig in Patricia Stays at Home
  • Fritz the Cat "Superstar"
  • Crazy Ed

Condition: Good

(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

The People’s Comics, 1st print

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