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R. Crumb's Carload O' Comics - Cheri insert

R. Crumb's Carload O' Comics - Cheri insert

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R. Crumb’s Carload O’ Comics

Copyright 1971, 1973, 1976 by R. Crumb. Published by Belier Press. 20 pages. Kennedy guide # 396.

From inside the front cover:
"You are about to read a 16-page abridged edition, in comic book-form, of a recently published Anthology of the Underground Comix of Robert Crumb, the guy who gave you Zap, Snatch, Jiz, Head Comix, Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural & Dozens of others, brought to you as a gift from Belier Press (the publisher of the book) and editors of Cheri (the magazine into which it is bound). It is not otherwise intended to be sold to the general public."

As stated, this is an insert from Cheri magazine. It was intended as a sampler to promote the book of the same name. It is 20 pages - all in color - and includes the stories: "R. Crumb vs. The Sisterhood," "Big Fine Legs," and "Anal Antics."

Condition: VG+

(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

R. Crumb’s Carload O’ Comics, Cheri insert

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