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Rip Off Comix #  8

Rip Off Comix # 8

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Rip Off Comix # 8

Copyright 1981 by Rip Off Press, Inc. and the respective artists. Published by Rip Off Press, Inc. 52 pages. 1st (only) printing. $1.50 cover price - stickered over. Kennedy guide # 1691.

Number 8 in the 31 issue series. Features Gilbert Shelton, Jay Kinney (managing editor), Frank Stack, Paul Mavrides, Dave Sheridan, Tony Bell, Joe E Brown, Charles Alverson (introduction), Leo Baxendale, Edwin Pouncey, Alan Moore, Steve Moore, Edward Barker, Tony Benyon, Chris Welch, Hunt Emerson, Terry Gilliam.

Stories include:

  • Gilbert Shelton & Paul Mavrides - The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers in "Phineas Gets An Abortion"
  • Foolbert Sturgeon - "Jesus and The Bank Robbers"
  • Gilbert Shelton, Tony Bell & Joe E. Brown - Wonder Wart-Hog in the "Battle of the Titans!!!" (1st of 4 parts)
  • Leo Baxendale - "Spotty Dick"
  • Edwin Pouncey - Untitled
  • Alan Moore & Steve Moore - "Three Eyes McGurk and His Death-Planet Commandos"
  • Edward Barker - "The Whacky World of Wildlife"
  • Tony Benyon - "The Lone Groover"
  • Chris Welch - Thok
  • Hunt Emerson - Untitled
  • Terry Gilliam - Untitled
  • Gilbert Shelton, Dave Sheridan & Paul Mavrides - "Honk! Clang! Tweet! If You Read The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers"


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Rip Off Comix # 8

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