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Skull Comics # 1, 2nd print

Skull Comics # 1, 2nd print

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Skull Comics # 1

Copyright 1970 Greg Irons, Jack Jackson, Dave Sheridan, Fred Schrier, Rory Hayes. Produced by San Francisco Comic Book Company in conjunction with Rip Off Press. 36 pages. 2nd printing. $0.50 cover price. Kennedy guide # 1788.

From the front cover, "Tales Contrived To Flip! You Out Of Your Skull"

Kennedy Update:
Kennedy listed only two printings... current thinking now suggests three printings: the 1st printing has heavier cover stock, a light vertical crease on the 1st interior page, and the page 17 glitch that Kennedy mentioned; the 2nd has regular cover stock, the page 17 glitch, no vertical crease; the 3rd printing has the page 17 glitch fixed.

This one is from the 2nd printing and has the following attributes:

  • page 17 has glitch
  • regular cover stock
  • interior pages are better aligned
  • no vertical creasing on 1st interior page


(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

Skull Comics # 1, 2nd print

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