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SMOOT # 1, signed & numbered - 47/100

SMOOT # 1, signed & numbered - 47/100

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SMOOT # 1, Signed and Numbered - Skip Williamson

Copyright and published by Skip Williamson. $2.95 cover price.

From the first page:

"This Snappy Sammy Smoot character was all over the place in the 60s and 70s. He’s a partially-known, partially-recalled underground comic character from the days of the Freak Brothers and Mr. Natural. Smoot appeared in a shitload of comics before finally getting his own title published by Kitchen Sink Press in 1979. He’s been in and out of underground comics since, such as in the lovely Halsted Street and in the magnificent anthology series, Blab! (both published by Kitchen Sink). So Sammy’s been around.

Snappy Sammy Smoot is even more a comic for our times than before. The elements that made him an instant hero of the underground comics are still there in spades. His sense of clowning, audacity and satire are more necessary than ever.

You go back through all the material and everything you need to know is all there. I mean, Sammy saw God on acid and persevered (I didn’t do that.). Sammy joins a multi-national corporation, Sammy scores dope, becomes a father, discovers Jesus, jams with Mr. Natural and Nard ’n’ Pat. Sammy on the lam. Sammy on t.v. Sammy the killer. Sammy gets mugged, dies, resurrects, does talk shows, goes computer, finds a girl, gets religion and somehow keeps on ticking..."

Condition: VF/NM

This copy is signed and numbered on the back cover by Skip Williamson. It is # 47 / 100.

(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

Smoot # 1, signed & numbered - Skip Williamson

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