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Zap Comix # 11, 4th print

Zap Comix # 11, 4th print

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Zap Comix # 11

Copyright 1985, 2003 by Robert Crumb, Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso, S. Clay Wilson, Gilbert Shelton, Spain, & Robert Williams. Published by Last Gasp. Probable 4th printing. $4.95 cover price.

The "Dare To Moon The Devil" Issue!

  • Zap Artists Jam - The Constipated Chaos Consortium
  • Robert Williams - Coochy Cooty in Mega-Mischief
  • R. Crumb - Patton
  • Spain Rodriguez - Trashman, Agent of the 6th international
  • S. Clay Wilson - Vampires With Their Dates and Victims, Peruse Count Von Sangres Basement Exhibition Of Satanic Icons
  • Robert Williams - Nearmen, Throwbacks, and Ancient Cheekage!
  • S. Clay Wilson - The Checkered Demon And A Couple Friends Relax In A Rustic Pub
  • Robert Williams - Depopulating Debutante!
  • R. Crumb - Jesus People, U.S.A. Interviews R. Crumb, Underground Pornographer and All-Around Lost Soul
  • Rick Griffin - Arthur Pen Dragon
  • Spain Rodriguez - Lily Litvak The Rose Of Stalingrad
  • S. Clay Wilson - Rotting Zombies Take Vengeance Upon The Pirates Who Had Shang-Haied Them
  • Spain Rodriguez - Welcome To Nohctoum
  • Robert Williams - front cover; Gilbert Shelton - back cover

New as published.

(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

Zap Comix # 11, 4th print

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