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Zap Comix # 12, 1st print

Zap Comix # 12, 1st print

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Zap Comix # 12

Copyright 1989 by Robert Crumb, Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso, S. Clay Wilson, Gilbert Shelton, Spain, & Robert Williams. Published and distributed by Last Gasp. 1st printing. No cover price.

  • Rick Griffin - Arthur
  • Spain Rodriguez - Trashman, Agent of the 6th international
  • Robert Williams - The "Boned" Man and The Curse Of The Mummy Monkey
  • S. Clay Wilson - The Checkered Demon Frolics With A Few Friends On The Fringes Of Hell
  • S. Clay Wilson - An Irish Pub As Imagined By A Nebraska Farm Boy
  • S. Clay Wilson - The Furious Captain Discovers That The Kidnappers Have Designs On His Daughter
  • S. Clay Wilson - The Girl
  • S. Clay Wilson - Picnic In Hell
  • Robert Williams - My Filthy Mouth is Killing Me!
  • Gilbert Shelton - Cinematographoonomatopoeia
  • Victor Moscoso - The Artist And The Elves
  • Zap Artists Jam - Rotten to the Core
  • R. Crumb - Cave Wimp
  • Rick Griffin - Lully Lulay
  • Covers by Spain Rodriguez


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Zap Comix # 12

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