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Zap Comix # 15

Zap Comix # 15

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Zap Comix # 15

Copyright 2004 by Robert Crumb, Spain, Paul Mavrides, Victor Moscoso, S. Clay Wilson, Gilbert Shelton, & Robert Williams. Published by Last Gasp. 1st printing. $4.95 cover price.

Zap Comix # 15 is the sixteenth issue in the longest continuously published underground comix series started by Robert Crumb in 1968.

This isn’t just reprints of earlier stuff either. There’s a new 8 page Wonder Wart-Hog story from Gilbert Shelton (who also did the front cover), a 9-pager from Spain, 10 pages from Victor Moscoso, various pages by S. Clay Wilson, a 2-pager by Paul Mavrides (who also did work on one of the covers as well as an inside cover page), 10 pages by R. Crumb, and a 2-page jam by all of ’em including Robert Williams.


  • Spain Rodriguez - Inside Cover
  • Gilbert Shelton - The Wart-Hog that Came In from the Cold
  • Spain Rodriguez - Mickey’s Meatwagon
  • Victor Moscoso - Dante and the River of Lethe
  • S. Clay Wilson - Some Of The "Little People" Frolic Through The Enchanted Forest Of Beautiful Women @ The O’Feral Theatre
  • Victor Moscoso - Dante’s Inferno
  • S. Clay Wilson - Shithead Meets The Stinky Girls
  • S. Clay Wilson - There Goes The Neighborhood
  • Victor Moscoso - Blobman The Magician
  • Zap Artists Jam - Circle O’ Jerks
  • S. Clay Wilson - The Checkered Demon Drinks With His Rotting Zombie Buddy
  • R. Crumb - Walkin’ The Streets
  • Paul Mavrides - Jesus Fucking Christ!
  • Paul Mavrides - Inside Cover, Untitled Page
  • Gilbert Shelton - Front Cover
  • Paul Mavrides - Front Cover

Condition: New as published

(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

Zap Comix # 15

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